About SAKA

SAKA is a contemporary sustainable fashion brand that utilises classic crochet techniques and silhouettes to create pieces inspired by nature, African identity, colour symbolism and individuality.
Intricately curated for the individual and made to last: each item has a unique story to tell.

Founded by Iman Sizwe, a Nigerian + South African designer whose passion for structure and textiles guided an education in Architecture.
[ SAA-KAA ] has origins rooted in the Hausa word for ‘weave/woven’: intended to invoke the spirit of complex creation. To weave, is to create forms by methodically interlacing, threads, yarn or any material to make a complete whole.

For the individual who sees love in the details, and enjoys the intimate nature of artisanal apparel.

Made with love & intention.
To be adored & adorned.